Visit Preparation

Once you have scheduled your visit with me here are some things to expect and a few things you can do before you come:

Prior to Arrival

1. Patient Forms can be printed out at home and filled out prior to your arrival at my office, saving you some time. The forms can be found by clicking here
2. Collect pictures of your rash/mole/ whatever brings you in. Patients are similar to cars. Whatever problem they have is at its best when you come to see me. I love to see pictures plus it can help show how things have changed
3. Bring copies of any laboratory studies, imaging, medication lists, and other doctors notes that you may have. This is not mandatory but can often times help.
4. If you are under the age of 18 years of age, you must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian to your appointment.
5. Bring your artwork. My offices are decorated with artwork from my own kids and patients. Any age patient is welcome to bring in their artwork and I would love to put it on my walls.

At Your Visit:

1. Sometimes you might have to wait. I try my best to stay on time but sometimes an appointment can take longer than expected. My time is as valuable as yours so rest assured that even if I am running bending I will never make you feel rushed and will listen to your and your family’s concerns. If I am running too far behind and you need to reschedule, our front office staff will gladly reschedule you with my apologies for the delay.
2. No surprises. If a child is old enough to talk, I will explain everything to the patient so there are no surprises. Unfortunately for certain issues, I have to give injections. Of course nobody enjoys them, but I have to give them. In my experience, children do better when they know a painful procedure is about to occur. Trust is lost is if I surprise them.
3. No formalities. You will find I am very informal. Adults are welcome to call me by my first name. I do not wear a white coat. I try to wear fun ties (Looney Tunes, Peanuts, etc). I tried to wear shorts but my own staff complained 🙂
4. I will do my best to solve your problem in that visit. Often times however we may need follow up visits for full resolution.
5. Simple language. Our conversation will not include any medical jargon. I want the child and the family to understand what is happening.
6. Prize Box: All children get a prize at the end of their appointment. No candy, only small toys.

We Can Take Care Of Everything


In medical consultation the doctor elicits information from the patient, then offers an opinion and may also discuss about treatment.


An annual skin screening is an examination carried out by a certified dermatologist to find and or diagnose skin cancer.


Face to face discussion to Understand Client Attitudes, correct misconceptions, Clear their doubts in the way of adapting health practices.


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